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Welcome to our first blog of the year. We will be publishing monthly blogs that cover a range of industry topics – if there are any specific subjects you would like us to consider, we would love to hear from you.

2015 was a fantastic year for Halcyon Recruitment, not least because we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Our birthday present to ourselves was a new website with the latest in mobile technology, a greatly improved database to give our team the best resources possible and a fantastic new visual identity. It was with some sadness that we said goodbye to our previous look but our new logo looking towards new horizons has been welcomed by one and all.

Our consultancy team has expanded over the last year and will continue to do so in 2016. Our service offering is growing too. In addition to our Executive Search, contingency recruitment, salary surveys and industry benchmarking services, we have also been looking at company structures and how these work best in supporting personal and career development for employees. It’s a tough market for employers at the moment so any efforts to support staff and facilitate their progression are being very well received. If you would like more information on this, please contact our Managing Director, Heidi Heseltine.

Looking at the recruitment market, 2016 has started in a very strong way. Our team in Singapore had barely opened the office doors in January when they were inundated with calls for new positions, particularly in the technical sector and within the petrochemical, gas and tanker markets. London has also been extremely busy for roles in the UK and across Europe, with demand being again for technical backgrounds and also for senior commercial managers, especially in the LNG and chemical markets. It won’t be a surprise to learn that the dry sector is only recruiting when essential and it seems unlikely that will change in the near future.

Despite the volume of new roles we are working on, our prediction is that things will ease off and we will see a steady flow of jobs within the shore based maritime sector with tight requirements from employers and little compromise available with respect to remuneration or required profiles. A more in depth market review will be forthcoming in the near future….watch this space.

Visa and work permit restrictions will continue to impact on the ability of potential employees to secure new roles. The Singapore government is working closely with the MPA and will proactively continue to support the development of the maritime community but with increasing focus on recruiting locally. The USA, UK and the EU community already have extremely tight visa restrictions in place that deter employers from considering applicants without the necessary work permits and with the ongoing uncertainty in the global economy, the influx of refugees across Europe and the political pressure this is bringing, this is not set to change. However, with a significant skills shortage amongst technical employees, there is increasing pressure being put upon remuneration. We would love to know if this has had any impact on you and how you think shipping will cope with this moving forward. What is the best way for companies to attract and retain ‘local’ talent in the UK, EU and Singapore? Do you see areas such as the Middle East becoming more attractive given their greater flexibility in granting visas?

All the positions we are recruiting for are available to see on our jobs pages. You can also register as a jobseeker (rest assured we don’t pass on any information about you to any external party without your express permission) and sign up to our Job Alert email service.

With the Chinese New Year festivities firmly in our minds (Gong Xi Fa Cai to one and all), Halcyon Recruitment’s London team are off for their belated Christmas do – sadly we didn’t have time in December and with a ‘dry’ January for many, we decided February was the time! We’re locking ourselves in an Escape Room to solve a murder mystery so if you can’t get hold of us by the end of next week, you know we failed……!

Our Singapore office will be providing next month’s blog until then best wishes from me and the rest of the Halcyon team.

Heidi Heseltine
Managing Director

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