Expansion, contraction and 5G connectivity!


Hi Mariners and Maritime People. The festivities are over and Asia is settling down and focusing on how to get businesses moving, growing and prospering into the New Year.

Halcyon Singapore has shaken away the last vestiges of the Gong Xi Fa Cai greetings and is getting down to the nitty gritty of serving all of our clients and candidates alike.

Halcyon New Singapore Office
We have moved to a bigger office space to accommodate our growing consultancy team to serve the industry better and faster. This is in view of the expanding support from our clients, both long term existing relationships from our loyal customers as well as new business that we are anticipating in view of the restructuring and reorganizing in certain areas of the maritime sector. (Halcyon is still on the same floor but in a different corner and different view which is at Level 27 of the Prudential Tower).

Thank You for Your Support and Feedback
Your feedback and continued support will certainly make us more focused and sharper in giving our best to serve the industry even better. Do keep your feedback and suggestions coming. Thank you.

New Developments
The market has been rife with news of mergers and acquisitions, takeovers and major restructuring in particular within the oil and gas sector. With these events expected to continue, we at Halcyon anticipate the pool of technical and marine personnel to increase and wages to soften just a little. Unless of course, you the candidate has the additional skillset which the employer is in dire need of where you are able to add value to the organisation employing you.

Right Skill Sets
With the right job matching, candidates with the desired mindset and skillset will still command a premium over those in their similar cohorts. Dear candidates, please follow our website for more tips on raising your profile and adding value to your respective companies.

Right Recruiter
Halcyon aims to be there for the candidates by giving invaluable resource and guidance, by providing the best match for your requirements. And this we do by making it a policy to personally meet each candidate in person before presenting them to the companies we are representing.

Welcome Heidi
In early March, we welcome our MD Heidi Heseltine to Singapore to share with the young and the young at heart her insights and intricacies of the trade. She will be met with the Asian version of negative interest rates, gyrating stock markets, currency exchanges and low oil prices.

Whereas in the UK, the pound takes a pounding and the PM is considering the Brexit plan.
What does the future hold.... surely what goes down must come up....

The Future
Looking for the light and some glimmer of uplifting news will be.... a more eco friendly management of resources with the increase in usage of LNG/LPG instead of fossil fuels, a 5G network ashore which will be more than 100 times faster than the current connectivity and less expensive and faster marine satellite communications for our seafarers onboard ships.

For the Young and Adventurous
This relative new development will bring more of our young men and women to sea. As for the young, being connected through the social media is a must have to attract them in wanting to join the merchant navy and see the world.

Golf and Shipping
On another topic, golf, is a game that defies understanding. With the recent influx of the young guns that flooded Singapore 3 weeks ago for the Singapore Open sanctioned by the US PGA (Professional Golf Association), fresh new golfers (some as young as their early twenties) battled it out and left with the trophies and huge prize money cheques that came too

Ah! The next generation of seafarers are also stepping up to the plate, no matter in cricket, golf or other maritime sectors. We wish them well and for them to be focused with the added responsibility that comes with it mainly in the area of safety and security.

Safety and Security
With all our seafarers and shipping personnel being aware and on guard in these two important aspects in shipping, we will see safer seas and happier seafarers.

Till then, our team in Singapore bids all smooth seas and following winds. Bon Voyage!

Larry Chan, Halcyon Singapore.

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